Log 1- Quitting My Day Job

I quit my job.

In a few weeks I’ll be officially jobless, or officially a freelance artist, depending on how you look at it. Which is exciting and something I’ve been looking forward to for years! And also, very terrifying and uncertain.

Am I ready? I don’t know.

I’m doing it anyway though, so I guess we’ll find out.

I have been researching and drawing and daydreaming and practicing my skills and feeling uncertain ever since I decided to become a freelance artist back in 2015 or 2016. I finally reached the point where I have a decent amount of knowledge and skill, enough savings for a few months, and enough determination and impatience to just GO FOR IT ALREADY.

At the very least the next few months will give me a chance to focus heavily on it and grow and learn a ton before I have to get another “day job”.

Currently my main goals are to:

-Polish my portfolio before my job ends

-Get my business license and apply for the Farmer’s Market in Chehalis

-Finish the art I’m making for my friend’s video game (I can’t wait to share it!)

-Continue doing three comics a week to practice my storytelling skills

-Create a zine about PNW history for a contest

Right now, I figure if anything will cause me to fail, it will be lack of focus. I’m currently struggling on my days off to get hours of undistracted time in. If I want to get everything done I’m gonna have to get up and get to work-EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I would ask for advice-but I’ve already read far more articles on being “productive” than any one person needs. I just need to commit fully and actually follow their advice!

The first steps are:

  1. Wake up at a consistent time
  2. Plan my tasks the night before
  3. Block out the time period for work
  4. Put my phone and any distractions far away until it is over

So starting tomorrow morning I’ll be up at 7AM and working 8-11:30AM before heading to nannying. By the end of that block of time I should have been able to research and map out a rough draft for the zine I’m making. And IF I do that I’ll go ahead and let myself relax after work, instead of being caught in the cycle of not doing enough, and then feeling too tired and guilty to make up for it.

Despite my worry about not being focused enough-I truly am excited and thankful that I have the chance to give illustration a chance at all!

Wherever the next months bring me, it’ll be worth all the stress and hard work. 🙂

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