Two months in

Being a freelancer, at least in illustration, is a very path-less job. Looking back at my first two months most of my decisions and struggles have been related to that. It is both freeing and overwhelming to have so little structure, and to have to make that structure myself.

From basic stuff like-should I work set hours? When am I most productive? Should I instead focus on a set amount accomplished each day instead?

To bigger things like- should I focus on personal growth and projects more? Or making money as quickly as possible with client projects? Should I work on as many diverse projects and methods as I can and see what works? Or commit to trying one at a time to give it a better chance and more focus?

I still don’t have answers to most of those questions, and many more, but I am starting to narrow down some things that do or don’t work for me. For instance, using a checklist for the day is better than just having an hourly schedule.

Overall, I feel like I’m headed in the general direction that I want to go and am more confident and professional than I was just two months ago.

The biggest thing that has made me more confident was getting two client jobs and completing one already. That felt huge to me and I didn’t feel ready or “good enough” when I first got the job-but now that I’ve completed it I know a little bit more of what I’m capable of and have learned more about illustration in general.

This month (May 2019) I’m hoping to make more of my plans for the summer-this hinges on whether I get a booth at a local Farmer’s Market or not. I also want to finish up a personal project about selkies that I started months ago.

We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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