We’re All Just Doing the Best We Can: What I’ve Achieved in ¼ of a Century

It’s easy for me to get down on myself for being lazy, indecisive, or anxious and feel like I’m treading water, going in circles, or just not going forward as much as I “should” be.

I turned 25 last year and decided not to focus on the LONG list of things I still want to do, and instead appreciate some of the things I’ve accomplished already.

This isn’t to say that you need to accomplish things for your life to be meaningful, or important, or joyful. I just want to help myself recognize how far I’ve come, and maybe it can help you appreciate the things you’ve come through and ways you’ve grown as well.

  • Went to Bolivia and Paraguay through a college trip
  • I got a BA in teaching
  • Taught 5th grade for a year
  • Left teaching
  • Got a job in NZ and lived there for 8 months
  • Solo traveled Thailand for a month, scary
  • Started to come out as bi
  • Actually started dating when I was 23 years old
  • Was in my first long-term relationship last year
  • Dealt with many of my own issues-including realizing I have anxiety and starting therapy
  • Made some of the most wonderful friends and have worked on maintaining those friendships
  • Learned more about myself throughout everything: degrees I don’t use, decisions I regret, fights and making up with friends, dating both good and bad people, challenges and periods of rest, and periods of boredom.
  • Spent years learning and committing to my religious beliefs and trying to be a better person
  • Spent years questioning and changing those beliefs and trying to be a better person outside of them
  • Learned not to hate myself
  • Learned to love most of myself, and be kinder.
  • Questioned and started exploring my sexuality and gender
  • Found labels and categories that help me better understand and describe who I am.
  • Started exploring my body and what feels good to me
  • Got a tattoo…and worked on my fear of commitment 😉
  • Grew some plants, inside and out. Being able to grow a couple plants in the ground outside feels like a huge accomplishment.
  • Got paid to do illustration work and started taking it more seriously, this blog is part of documenting and staying focused on that!
  • Left MANY jobs for various reasons, I’ve had something like 11-14 jobs in the decade since I turned 16.
  • I’ve worked on taking better care of my body, did a half marathon, several yoga challenges, and have gotten better at cooking
  • Finally took a real dance class, I hope to return in the future when I have more funds
  • Opened a Roth IRA and started putting in $50/month
  • Had enough savings to be able to help out some family with a big financial opportunity

That’s a pretty random, and meandering, and very un-chronological list. But putting it all down like that helps me remember how I got to where I am now, and all the work that went into it.

I may not have a ton of money, or a perfect relationship, or an organized career-but I’ve learned and grown and am continuing to do so with lovely people by my side.

And that’s enough for now.